About Us

We are a travel agency specialized in medical tourism, offering a wide spectrum of travel related services such as flight tickets, hotel accommodation, transfers and excursions combined with quality health treatment abroad. Our role is of an intermediary between esteemed health care institutions located in Istanbul, Turkey and patients from around the world searching for professional and in the same time affordable treatment. For over a decade we have been in contact with hundreds of patients assisting them to make an appointment with certified physicians in the areas of hair transplantation, Lasik eye surgery and cosmetic surgery. We present at you the unique possibility to combine a surgical operation or beatifying procedure at a renowned clinic in Istanbul with a well-deserved vacation in one of the top cities of the world. The metropolitan city of Istanbul provides endless possibilities of sightseeing and shopping, diverse nightlife, cultural events, musical and art performances all year around. A truly inspiring and endlessly fascinating mixture of cultures and lifestyles, the city has a little something for everyone. The quality of service in Istanbul's clinics attracts each year thousands of patients from all over the world who benefit from the most advanced treatment techniques and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Istanbul is one of the cities in Europe with the most developed private healthcare sector with billions of US dollars annually invested into its modernization.

Why should I make my hair transplant surgery abroad?

Having your hair transplantation in Istanbul has several major benefits that you should not miss out. You will receive medical treatment of the highest standards in a JCI accredited clinic, and a hair replacement procedure performed by a certified hair transplant specialist. Attentive care and dedicated service await you all the way, while latest treatment techniques and most advanced technology come together to provide a highly professional service. The best thing is that you get all this at totally affordable rates, plus you get the chance to see and experience a mesmerizing city like Istanbul. The whole treatment will cost you much less than same procedure being applied in a clinic in Western Europe. The reasons are the lower staff wages, the 8 % VAT on healthcare services and the lower corporate tax in Turkey. We have helped hundreds of people worldwide to have this procedure and enjoy a pleasant stay in Istanbul so why not being one of them?