Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey, a country that has advanced as a leading provider of healthcare services with its health facilities and medical centers, has emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism, especially for hair transplantation.


Hair transplant procedures that are carried out in Turkey’s leading hair transplant centers; are performed by highly trained, qualified and specialized doctors, who have gained extensive knowledge as well as experience in the field of hair transplantation. Most of the doctors are renowned worldwide due to their outstanding achievements in the field of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Techniques Applied

Together with the introduction of FUE hair transplant technique in 2004, hair transplants have gone through continuous improvement and have advanced into procedures that can now be performed with minimally invasive techniques. Most of the hair transplant centers in Istanbul perform hair transplant procedures applying innovative techniques such as; DHI, Sapphire FUE and Unshaven Hair Transplant. Hair transplant procedures carried out with these techniques, deliver more successful results. Moreover, patients can achieve the highest density of hair possible, with more natural results.

Leading-Edge Technology & Utilization of New Modern Equipment

In order to provide patients with very natural-looking results, the utilization of new modern equipment and the implementation of advanced techniques is required. The utilization of technical equipment that comply with recognized international standards and the high-level modernization of medical infrastructure of the hair transplant centers in Turkey, is turning the country into a more desirable destination each passing day.

A Wide Variety of Options

The large number of hair transplant clinics enable patients to find the right care for their individual needs and to receive the most effective treatment for their hair loss condition. Most of the clinics in Istanbul also offer VIP services to patients coming from abroad. The services offered are; Airport pick up service, transfers between the hotel, clinic and hospital in the course of treatment, airport drop-off services after the treatment. In addition to this; Overseas patients are accompanied by Patient Representatives and foreign language Interpreters. Professional Patient Representatives are personally involved with each patient under their care during and after their treatment.

Our expertise for an affordable hair surgery

Why should I make my hair implants in Turkey?

Turkey offers the ideal conditions for a successful hair transplant. As such, it has been many years since the country has become a destination of choice for hair implants.

But how is it possible to offer services at such competitive prices ? First of all, the cosmetic surgery industry is heavily subsidized by the Turkish state. Secondly the lower cost of living allows our hair implant to be more affordable than in Europe. Those are the reasons why we can offer very advantageous prices without denying the quality of our transplants.

In addition, you can combine your treatment with an unforgettable stay in the historic metropolis of the old "Constantinople".




Thanks to our state-of-the-art clinic and our teams’ professionalism, we are proud to have already restored their hair and wellbeing to more than 20000 patients.


30 years guarantee

We are so convinced of our work that we offer you a 30-year guarantee on all our hair surgeries. Contact us today and let us convince you with a free non binding hair analysis.



Our recipe for success is as follows: we do our treatments only if we are 100% sure that you’ll get the best results. This is possible thanks to a free and non-binding hair assessment that we offer you!


A true partner

Thanks to our internal quality management, you’ll always have a contact person who will be at your side throughout your surgery. Whether it is before or after the treatment.


6 contact points in Germany

In addition to our clinic in Istanbul, we are also available at our german offices in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna (Austria).


Painless treatment

Discover "Comfort In", our patented needle - free anesthesia. This procedure uses a pressure technique that injects the anesthetic into the scalp in just a few milliseconds!

Get a free consultation

We take care of you from A to Z during your stay in Istanbul.

Before your stay

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free and non-binding hair analysis!
  • 6 contact points in Germany

After your stay

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Lifelong monitoring for optimal results
  • 30 year guarantee
  • 6 contact points at your disposal in Germany

During your stay

  • 24/7 customer service
  • VIP Transfert
  • 4 star hotel accommodation
  • English interpreter
  • PRP treatment
  • Medication kit offered
  • Painless “Comfort In” anesthesia

The 3 steps towards a successful hair transplant

Free Hair Analysis

Your personal price is calculated based on the situation of your hair. This enables us to perform a precise analysis that shows whether a hair transplant is a viable option for you. Once this have been assessed, we will define how many hair roots you’ll need in order to recover your hair.

Personal Consultation

During a telephone conversation with our teams of experts, the results of your hair analysis will be discussed. You will receive all information about your future hair transplants, the clinic and the procedure. Based on your individual hair situation, he will also explain how we can achieve the best result. This conversation ends, once all your questions have been answered.

The Treatment Begins

From this point on you can sit back, relax and fully enjoy our all-inclusive service. From our drivers who will always take you from A to B, to our interpreters who will always take care of you. All you have to do is to enjoy your time in a luxury hotel located in our clinic’s vicinity. Here you will be able to use the relaxed spa area of this high- class accommodation. Our team of expert lead by Dr. Balwi will take care of the rest for you!

European Football Champion R. Quaresma at Elithairtransplant

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The Sapphire Percutaneous Method for an Optimal Result

Are you ready to regain naturally dense hair ? This is now possible thanks to our technique using high-quality sapphire blades combined with the percutaneous method. We are convinced of this: quality is more important than quantity. The hair implants made with this technique allow the opening of V-shaped channels. Those are much more efficient than the classic U-shaped incision. Elithairtransplant keeps innovating in order to offer you the best possible end result for your hair transplant in Turkey.

The key advantages of this technique

Natural end results
Faster healing
Low crust formation
Leaves virtually no scars
Natural regrowth of your hair follicles

Why Choose Elithairtransplant?

There are many hair loss clinics in Istanbul. This is why Elithairtransplant and Dr. Balwi offer you the extras thanks to our outstanding quality customer service. This is the fruit of our many years of experience in the field of hair implants. We have now been exclusively performing hair transplants in Turkey since 2009. With us, you are sure to always be in expert hands!

We are so convinced of our work that we offer you a 30-year guarantee on all our hair surgeries. Contact us today and let us convince you with a free non binding hair analysis.

Dr. Serkan Aygin

Our head surgeon, Dr. Balwi himself suffered from baldness and called on his team to perform his own hair surgery. Because who better than experts who you totally trust to have your hair transplant? Namely Elithairtransplant!

Take this unique opportunity and entrust your hair to someone who has already delighted more than 20,000 patients. A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ege, Dr. Balwi regularly participates in and organizes international conferences and seminars. This in order to learn about the most recent techniques, with the aim of permanently offering the most comfortable to our patients.

Having now gained more than ten years of experience in the field, Dr. Balwi is also known for developing new hair surgery methods. He is, along with his team, dedicated to help you make baldness issues a thing of the past.


Patients who prefer all-inclusive services benefit from lower prices. With all-inclusive packages, patients do not need to worry about treatment or hotel arrangements. At our clinic, patients get the mentioned benefits along with price;

  • Operation
  • Conscious Sedation
  • Blood tests
  • Medication after the operation
  • PRP or Laser
  • Accommodation in the city center(incl.breakfast)
  • Language assistance in; English/Italian/Spanish/French/Arabic/German/Russian/Albanian/Bulgarian
  • Airport-Hotel-Clinic VIP transfer services
  • Postoperative care

After the operation we provide our patients an official document that contains detailed information on their hair transplant procedure.

The price is not based on the amount of grafts to be transplanted. However, there is a slight price difference between the FUE and DHI technique, with the DHI method being a little more expensive.

The DHI method replicates every step of the FUE method excluding the incision creating and transplantation processes. In DHI the last two steps are merged into one. The technique employs a pen-like medical instrument called "Choi implanter" that creates the recipient sites and simultaneously transplants the grafts. DHI technique is a meticulous method that requires more skill and experience than other hair transplant methods. This in turn, requires the physicians and medical teams to be exposed to a long-term training period so as to specialize in utilizing this technique.

As soon as the patient contacts our clinic, a preliminary evaluation for hair transplantation is required. We ask our patients to send their photos taken from the front, sides, top and back of the head via Whatsapp in order to assess their hair loss condition, candidacy for hair transplantation and to provide them with a recommended treatment as well as to determine the estimated number of grafts that is needed for sufficient hair coverage. If the patient is suitable to undergo hair transplantation we then ask him/her to make an appointment and send him/her a documentation that explains the hair transplantation process step by step. Of course, this can also be sent via Whatsapp.

Before the operation, the patient will be informed about the following steps:

  • Confirmation of flight ticket
  • Arriving to Istanbul
  • Airport Hotel / Clinic transfers
  • Consultation Day
  • Hair Transplantation Operation
  • What to Do After the Operation
  • Transfer to Airport for the Return Trip
  • Clinic officials will inform the patient about the range of dates of all these processes

A hair transplant is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, which means you will not feel any pain. As of 2019, Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic has started to carry out hair transplantation with sedation so as to make their patients feel more comfortable during the operation. In hair transplantation combined with sedation, as the patient will remain awake without feeling any discomfort, he/she will not feel the graft extraction, recipient site creation and transplantation processes. The patient undergoes the procedure without feeling any pain or discomfort.

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